Energizing Communities Through Independent Film

Does your city lack the vision and energy it needs to transform, to revitalize?

Is your city rated low on ammenities for residents?

Do relocating industries and businesses pass your city by because of poor quality of life?

Do you have a non-supportive environment for culture, creativity and the arts?

Many cities across Alabama face challenges of fostering economic growth, of bringing life back into tired, problem-ridden communities. But what should be part of an plan that energizes a community?

The Role of Art (and Film) as a CATALIST for Growth

It's easy to see the economic impact of a business or factory plant moving into town, but the role of arts and culture is a more intangible concept to grasp.

We have found in our research when evaluating healthy local communities, that the role of art - in its many forms of music, theater, fine art, film and more - plays a huge role in the energy and viability of cities all across America. Art has been a part of the majority of effective transformations. For case studies click here.

One form of art that is incredibly effective in energizing communities is independent film. Those involved in creating film locally are more than just passive participants. They are directly involved. The locations around municipalities are featured in short films. Electricians, hairdressers, actors, businessmen and women, short story writers, artists, photographers, videographers can all come together to collaborate on creative projects. Public screenings, workshops, and even tourism-friendly film festivals can all grow from a vibrant amateur film community. Plus, with competition stiff to attract big studio projects into your area, a film-friendly community is a plus.

Local leadership needs to think creatively when forming a vision for their city - a vision that should not only include industrial recruitment and small business support but a plan for a vibrant culture based in art that not only raises the quality of life for residents, but can generate thousands in tax revenue through events, exhibits, film festivals and theatrical productions.

The "HOW" of energizing a city with film

This site is growing continually. You'll find useful links here to inspire. BuyersUSA Consulting is also available to local leadership wishing to design a program that includes the arts - especially film - in a growth plan for their city.


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