The principals of BuyersUSA Consulting are:

Tim Brunson, PhD
Management/Sales Consultant, Public Speaker/Trainer, New Media Advertising Advisor, Radio Talk Show Host

Dr. Brunson has operated small businesses and multi-state organizations to include running an eight state training operation, which served over 40,000 employees ranging from medical doctors to truck drivers. He is internationally known as an authority in clinical hypnotherapy, coaching, and alternative health care, who trains mental health and medical practitioners on five continents. He has authored and produced 15 distance learning course and over 150 self-help and clinical-level hypnotherapy CD’s. His varied professional and occupational experience includes law enforcement and corrections, the hospitality industry, education at the university level, the military, engineering, magazine publishing, real estate, training and development, political campaign management, and mental health. He has formed several small businesses, which have either operated solely on a local level or nationwide and internationally. Also, many of his businesses exist primarily on the Internet. They include over thirty different domains and more than 600,000 Web pages indexed by major search engines to include Google and MSN Bing.

He holds numerous degrees and certifications to include a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy, a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, a Master of Business Administration (finance and management), a Master in Public Administration (economics), Masters of Strategic Studies, and a certificate in Organizational Development and Human Resource Management (Columbia University and the University of Michigan). He has extensively traveled and lived on or visited four continents. While he has worked with wide range of enterprises, to include governmental and industrial, most recently he has focused on mental health practitioners and broadcasting companies.


Annie Brunson
Artist, Musician, Filmmaker, Public Speaker/Trainer

Annie Brunson is an accomplished graphic artist, entrepreneur, fund raising program developer, film maker, and composer. She has written and produced numerous short films, as well as completed original music compositions for a variety of films and other video projects. She has won awards for her work scoring film music, and films she has scored have screened at Cannes Film Festival and won best in festival. She is particularly well known for her efforts helping troubled teens through creative filmmaking and developing and managing successful charitable fund raisers involving large groups. She has also served as the artistic director overseeing the development of over 30 Web domains (to include over 600 Google and MSN Bing indexed pages), numerous distance learning courses, and over 150 self-help and clinical hypnotherapy CD’s. She has a background in magazine publishing, music and theater production, and in the real estate industry.

A native of the United Kingdom, she has lived for several years in Germany and in the United States for over 30 years. She has developed marketing programs for new industrial ventures. Her specialty is enhanced communication for businesses and organizations by using the creative arts.  

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