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Advanced Neuro-Noetic Hypnosis 12-pack prepay $1299.00
Advanced Script Writing Techniques Perpetual $149.00
Chiropractic Suggestions: Using Healing Words to Enhance Patient Care and Practice Success Perpetual $145.00
Clinical Hypnotherapy Fundamentals Perpetual $145.00
Elman Hypnotherapy: Beyond the Basics Perpetual $185.00
Embracing Ambiguity: The Worlds of Ericksonian Hypnosis Perpetual $185.00
Enhancing Performance: Unleashing your True Human Potential Perpetual $145.00
Exploring the Hypnotic Brain Perpetual $145.00
Healing the Body: Somatic Transformation through Suggestion and Imagination Perpetual $145.00
Healing the Mind: Advanced Hypnotic Interventions for Anxieties, Phobias, Impulses, and Habits Perpetual $145.00
Integration: Innovations in Mind/Body Therapies Perpetual $185.00
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Basics Perpetual $145.00
New Directions in Hypnotherapy Perpetual $145.00
Space/Time-based Interventions Perpetual $145.00
The Application of Transformation Theory Perpetual $145.00
The Neurology of Suggestion Perpetual $145.00
Therapeutic Suggestions: Enhancing Healing through Improved Patient Communication Perpetual $145.00

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