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Increase your income by participating in our convenient and easy affiliate program. (This is not a pay-per-click program or multi-level-marketing (MLM) program.)

If you manage one or more Web sites, have a blog, or even have friends you can e-mail our link to, you can make money as one of our affiliates.

Our payout percentage is high as 40% of gross sales!(Actual payout depends on product or service offered.**

All that you need to do to start earning affiliate fees is...
  1. Sign up

  2. Place one or more of our ads on your Web site or blog OR
    e-mail our link to your friends.

  3. Cash your affiliate checks.

It is as easy as 1-2-3!

* Results depend upon your activity to include the popularity of your Web site. Affiliate revenue is based upon percentage of sales. This may be immediate upon the initial posting or during a subsequent update.

** Currently, this program covers the following programs:

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