"When people and organizations become excited about the creative process, they quickly discover their hidden abilities. Usually, this gets them to start realizing new directions and possibilities. I particularly like seeing the enthusiasm and team work that follows. By re-discovering who you are, you open yourself to seemingly unlimited possibilities." - Annie Brunson, film-maker and entrepreneur.


In order to help our clients we use our decades of experience in large and small business management, as well as creative marketing.

Our tools and talents include:

Radio advertising production
Continuing Education CE
Change consulting

Informational video production (like video on our home page), short bi-weekly announcement videos, animation and whiteboard. Please see our examples on our video site: Vidboost.com

Internet marketing to include website design. (Also, includes e-mail, blog, video, and social media marketing.)

Use of media relations to maximize your exposure
Strategic evaluation and planning








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