Unique Marketing Solutions of TMS Providers

Challenges to Marketing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Services

We provide unique marketing services designed specifically to produce increased numbers of patients for providers of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatments.

needle in a haystackFinding patients who will benefit from your TMS expertise is difficult. Although over 10% of the American population exhibit the symptoms of depression. 6.7% suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, and 27% of MDD patients do not respond to medications and psychotherapy, this does not mean that you will have a steady stream of patients. The reluctance of insurance companies to fund this treatment means that you are limited to a percent of a percent of a percent of the population. One study that we conducted revealed that your potential patients may be less than 0.2 percent of the population of your market area. This is like trying to find a very small needle in a tremendously large haystack. How do you find the patients who need TMS and who can pay for the treatment?

It seems that just about every TMS practitioner follows the same marketing formula. They get some press coverage in the local media, get a website and a Facebook page, and then hope that by getting a few referrals and word-of-mouth advertising eventually they will locate enough patients to justify their training and investment in this technology. Does this sound like you?

The problem is that this strategy probably is not working for you as well as you would like. Even the best media coverage quickly fades from the public's mind. Media coverage is great for a surge in traffic and a fantastic way to gain credibility. But, its results rapidly fade. Having a nice website that tells the TMS story and facilitates potential patient contact is a must. However, our study revealed that despite their potential these sites rarely generate the traffic needed warrant their expense. (See Alexa.com to get your website’s current traffic evaluation.) Referrals from other professionals are a critical TMS patient resource. However, even that requires constantly reminding your referral sources of the value of TMS for their most difficult depression patients.

This is where we come in. Since 1992, BuyersUSA Consulting has been offering unique marketing solutions for some of the biggest challenges. Indeed, your necessity of reaching a micro-demand in a limited geographic area is one such challenge. We have found that just about all traditional marketing approaches are not suitable in this situation. Therefore, we have created formula involving a combination of New Media techniques designed to drive qualified traffic to your website so that they can be successfully converted into paying patients.

Although we use a variety of New Media techniques, one of our favorites is using video campaigns to drive traffic to our customers website. The use of videos for marketing is a relatively new idea, which means there are still plenty of opportunities. Also, like all New Media techniques, videos have a cumulative and almost permanent impact on the exposure of your practice. When coupled with a variety of other methods, you should see a rapid improvement in your Alexa traffic ranking, which shows you almost immediate results. As the compounding of your video campaign begins working over twelve months or more, you will have a steadily increasing number of contacts for whom your services are the right solution.

Of course, there is a lot of expertise behind just how we specifically structure New Media solutions. Over the years we have used our decades of experience in understanding our business customers, communicated with their potential customers, clients, and patients in a near hypnotic manner, and employed very effective graphics, audio, and video to get the best results.

If you would like to unleash our expertise on your behalf, contact us today. You may also reach us by calling (256) 405-4444.

buyersUSA Consluting is not affiliated with any Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation equipment manufacturer or representative. This program is being offered to practitioners who are currently providing TMS treatment and are looking for additional patients.

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