Unique Marketing Solutions of TMS Providers

Why our strategy is different.

We have analyzed numerous marketing options and have found a unique formula designed to drive traffic to your website and make your telephone ring.

Since 1984, we have successfully used a number of marketing techniques. These include TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, media relations, direct mail, and New Media options such as websites, Pay-Per-Click, blogs, newsletters, e-mailing, and video. We believe every industry, every geographic area, and every business and practice has its own unique challenges. Therefore, we design marketing campaigns designed around our client's unique situation.

We definitely do not take the "one-size-fits-all" approach. We start off by understanding our client's needs and the behavior patterns of their potential clients, customers, or patients. We then design a program that has the highest probability of being successful while maximizing our client's investment. Our goal is to produce rapid results while building long term strength.

The marketing challenges that TMS practitioners face are caused by the micro-demand for their services within their primary market area. Although easing of FDA and insurance restrictions together with the increasing acceptability of off-label applications is sure to partially alleviate some of these concerns, due to the normal equipment aging coupled with the need to upgrade periodically, the sense of urgency to produce patients is foremost on your mind and ours.

attract patientsOur approach to finding additional patients focuses on two primary programs. The first involves a cost-effective creation of a supporting video campaign that focuses initially in attracting viewers, who are interested in the more popular issues such as depression and even some of more viable off-label applications. Once we have attracted relevant viewers in your market area, we then give them enough information about TMS to pique their interest and then direct them to your primary website where you tell your story and provide them additional ways to contact you for more information or an appointment.

Why video campaigns? We like videos as New Media video marketing is a relatively new and thus an uncrowded and cost-effective way of marketing. Videos are permanent in nature, meaning that unlike TV, radio, and newspaper, you are not charged each time that your video appears. Your videos stay online until you remove them. This means that your videos continue to attract viewers. Your expense is limited only to the cost of production. Also, as each submitted video continues to attract views daily, by submitting quality and compelling videos at regular intervals, your traffic exponentially increases over time. Think of this as an avalanche of patient opportunities. Additionally, once regular viewers begin subscribing to your channel, your results escalate even further. (We also highly recommend that you share your videos on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts as well as posting them to your website. We will provide you with an easy to use "iframe" that will automatically show your new videos on your website.)

We realize that video production can be time consuming and expensive. Therefore, we recommend the use of whiteboard videos, which can be produced at about 20% of the cost of regular videos while minimizing the involvement of the busy TMS practitioner. Our artists produce customized, original graphics. And, our copy writers produce excellent content that is designed around popular search engine activity. Together they produce whiteboard videos with a near-hypnotic effect.

While video campaigns are intended to create a cumulative, avalanche effect, we realize that we need to produce results almost immediately. Therefore, our second primary program is intended to do just that. We have been very successful at driving quality targeted traffic by creating what we call feeder pages. These content-heavy pages are designed to attract search engine traffic relative to your geographic area and popular topics such as depression and anxiety. Like our video campaigns, the intent is to attract the right audience, inform them about TMS, and then direct them to your website - and/or provide your direct telephone number. We further accelerate the success of the feeder pages by using Pay-Per-Click programs through Google and/or Bing.

This two-program approach is designed to be affordable. We highly suggest a year-long, 24 video commitment. This will allow a video campaign to start attracting viewers within weeks of your decision and begin compounding views and getting subscribpers. The feeder page system is normally set up within ten days and will be the quickest way for us to start generating traffic for you. This second technique will produce rapid results in the shortterm, but will not be as valuable as the video campaign in the medium and long run. We will use your website's Alexa ranking as a continual measure of the success of our system. The information we collect will allow us to adjust our activity so that results are maximized. As your website’s ranking improves, you should received a pronounced increase in inquiries regarding TMS appointments.

If you would like to unleash our expertise on your behalf, contact us today. You may also reach us by calling (256) 405-4444.

buyersUSA Consulting is not affiliated with any Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation equipment manufacturer or representative. This program is being offered to practitioners who are currently providing TMS treatment and are looking for additional patients.


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